Kuresh Khan - Franchisee, Houseproud Cleaning, North Strathfield, N.S.W

My name is Kuresh Khan, I am 29 years of age. I came to Australia in 2007 from a tiny town in Nepal which is completely unheard of for many of us, without knowing what tomorrow holds for me in this completely strange place. But with a glimmer of hope and self-belief, life was moving on like an inner west train, slowly but steadily. I completed my Masters of Professional Accounting in 2010 from University of Ballarat. For years, after my studies I worked in so many places, I lost count. Kitchen Hand, Pizza Maker, Factory worker and finally into the accounting profession for few years before quitting and joining Houseproud in June, 2015 for good. No matter what I was doing before, it was the same old story, same bills, same routine and basically at the end, living week by week. This is how my story of houseproud journey unfolds.

Sometimes good things and opportunities come to you without you doing much about it, especially in moments when you least expect them. That's what happened to me when I decided to join Houseproud Cleaning. I had already tried four different jobs from January to June in 2015 alone and my heart and mind wasn’t in the working place at all. That’s where I realised that this 9:00 to 5:00 office work is simply not for me. At the same time, I was doing night shift as a pizza maker just to keep up with the bills. Alarm bell were ringing high because my baby was due in August and I had to make a quick decision whether to go ahead with cleaning business that I have no idea about, or to find a job that I have no interest in. I was so confused with my own life. Out of the blue, one day I saw an advertisement in Gumtree about cleaning business up for sale and let me tell you I wasn’t serious at all when I read out the Advertisement.

To be honest, it was so poorly composed, all I could understand was the business was up for sale and its value was roughly around 20k. ‘Desperate time, desperate measure’ I decided to call the guy and he asked me to come down to Auburn one Saturday. I told my plan to one of my friends and he agreed to go for a meeting with me. After that we had a meeting with Peter Deehan, Operation manager at that time in one of the café in Canterbury and couple of weeks later we had a meeting with Paul Mitchell, The Director of Houseproud Cleaning.

Me and my friend Anil Pant were given a clear picture of how the business works by Paul. That’s where I was convinced that we can make a difference in our life despite having no cleaning experience at all.

We started with zero customers in 14th June, 2015. We were a little bit worried about how the business going to pan out in next couple of months. We were all over the place in initial days just to get as much cleaning experience as we could, but come September we had issues going on every day. We, as business partners were not on the same page and our business goals didn’t match to a greater extent. It was going tough and before our relation got any worse, I humbly request him that we are no longer going to be business partners from 10th of September, 2015 which he happily accepted without any hesitation. I then had to hire someone to keep up with the schedule for that week.

I was on my own from the 2nd week of September, 2015 and I was clear in my mind how I want to go along with the business. Hard work is a given in any business and all I need to do now is to follow the Houseproud proven system. By the end of December, 2015, I had 45 plus regular customers and I have two full time staff working with me.  My sales figures are almost double since September. Now I have that financial freedom to go out and enjoy my weekend with my family and most of the days I’m home by 5:00 in the evening.  I can enjoy my evening everyday with my little daughter. I can cook, watch TV, read books, catch up with mates, which was near to impossible 6 months back. I don’t even have to worry about evening job anymore, I think those evening job days are gone for good and without Houseproud I won’t be in the position where I’m today and let me remind you it’s only been six months now.

I recommend anyone who is looking for financial freedom and free up some time for their families and friends to go with Houseproud franchise. With Houseproud Franchise you won’t be left out in cold like other companies where promises are much higher than its return. There are some fantastic people around head office that Paul Mitchell has set to make your venture grow and they are so ready to help you day in and day out until you make a profitable business of your own.

From a nervous looking fellow who struggle to ask  for a  meal in McDonald’s  in 2007, I’m here now in 2015 cleaning, dealing with the customers, looking after my own accounts and above all learning each day from different clients and travelling different places to establish my own little world and at the same time enjoying my life every day.

I would like to thank Houseproud for all their support and training and setting me a profitable cleaning franchise.


Kuresh Khan

Franchisee, Houseproud Cleaning

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